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SQL Search

Find files quickly using extensive search criteria in Surveyor/400

You may often need to search for a particular SQL entity or a group of entities having certain characteristics. Surveyor/400's sophisticated search screen allows you to easily find DB Files, Indexes, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Constraints by providing many different search criteria. DB Files search results distinguish between similar file types such as SQL tables and IBM i physical files. Search may be saved for later use.

Demonstrates searching for all DB files in *USRLIBL

Search criteria allowed:

  • Type: DB Files, Indexes, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Constraints.
  • Name and Library: Specify name and library. Wildcards allowed
  • Type: Type criteria related to the type of entity. Source files for example
  • Date, Description, and Owner

Search criteria items work together as AND conditions

List of files found can be printed, added to a file group, exported to the clipboard or to a PC file

Any file found can be acted upon through its right-click popup menu (properties, edit, FTP, export, etc.)