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SQL Editor

Enter freeform SQL statements to use with your DB2/400 files.  View the results of SELECT statements in a spreadsheet-like grid, with the option to export the results to a PC file.  You can run a wide array of other SQL statements, like UPDATE, DELETE, DROP, CREATE, etc.

Demonstrates a series of SQL statements entered, with the log window below


Access to SQL can be restricted by User ID - optionally can restrict access to only SELECT statements
Does not require iSeries licensed program "SQL Developers Kit"
Enter multiple SQL statements and run at one time
Save SQL statements to workstation as "Scripts" – can be reopened and ran later
Save SQL statements to source member on iSeries - can then run natively on iSeries using RUNSQLSTM command
Includes dozens of sample SQL statements to select from
Includes SQL wizard for graphically defining SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE statements
Accepts a copied SQL statement from another application
Search for and optionally replace values in SQL Scripts
Comments can be entered between SQL statements
View SELECT results in a spreadsheet-like window
Print SELECT results to printer of choice
Export SELECT results to the clipboard, Excel, comma delimited format, tab delimited or HTML format
View query optimizer messages in the JOB LOG for SQL performance tuning
SQL log window keeps track of prior statements entered with result messages
Copy a previous SQL statement from the log window and paste in the editor to rerun
Full error reporting
Choose between SQL Naming or System Naming Convention


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