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Table Maintenance

Easily create and edit tables using Surveyor/400

You can create, alter and drop tables and their related indexes and constraints easily using graphical wizards within Surveyor/400. In most cases, adding a field or expanding a field through Surveyor/400 runs much faster than traditional methods, since indexes often do not have to be rebuilt.

Demonstrates the creation of a primary key for a table


  • Access to table maintenance can be restricted by user id
  • Create, alter and drop tables
  • Table field attributes which can be specified include column name, data type, length, scale, nullable, default value and remarks
  • Create Indexes for a table, including Unique, Non Unique and Encoded Vector indexes
  • Create Primary keys, Unique keys and Foreign keys for a table
  • Wizard can show the corresponding SQL statements (good for learning SQL or to run later as a script)
  • When adding fields to an existing table or expanding field lengths, the existing table data, authorities and indexes are retained