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Surveyor/400 - Powerful Database Tool

Processor GroupPrice
P05 $995
P10 $1,995
P20 $2,995
P30 $3,995
P40 $4,995
P50 $5,995

A multi-user license to Surveyor/400 is based on the size of your IBM i processor group. This allows you to load Surveyor/400 on as many workstations as needed with no "per-seat" fees.

Execute the command WRKLICINF to view the processor group of your IBM i. The processor group will be listed on the top of that screen.

* Add 50% to the list price of Surveyor/400 if it is needed for multiple LPAR partitions.

To purchase Surveyor/400, please contact a Linoma sales representative at 800-949-4696 or via email at sales@linoma.com.