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Customer support options include an online support forum, customer portal, phone and email assistance.

Online Support Forum

Our support specialists and customers are active on our forums, discussing topics that may help you troubleshoot any issues. There are also many examples and tips on the forum to help you maximize your use of the Linoma Software products.

Customer Portal

Submit new support cases and monitor their status through the Linoma Customer Portal. It's also the place to download the latest Linoma software, updates and documentation. You can additionally manage your product licenses in the portal.

For additional questions, our team of experts is available to help you online, through email or by phone.

Online Chat

For quick questions, try an online chat with our support staff.

Email Support

Send an email to our support team with any questions/issues at support@linoma.com. Please include your product version and relevant logs or error messages.

Phone Support

USA and Canada: 1-800-949-4696 
Outside USA:  +1 402-944-4242

Outside USA and Canada

If you are located outside of North America and would like assistance from a local resource, please send us an email and we will introduce you to a Linoma Software partner in your area.


To schedule time for more in-depth discussion of specific projects or challenges, please contact your account manager or send an email to training@linoma.com to set up a training session.