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Surveyor/400 V5R3 - V5R4 Fix

Explanation and Instructions:
When applying the latest PTFs for V5R3 or V5R4 Surveyor/400 will no longer work due to a MCH3601 error. Surveyor/400 may appear to hang up when connecting, during the Initializing step.

The issue has to do with a call to a RPG stored procedure in which an OUT parameter is passed directly into a module that was compiled with target release V4R5.   Note: If you encounter this problem you may apply the below IBM Solution or the Linoma Solution. Applying both solutions will not cause any problems.

IBM Solution
IBM has resolved this issue via PTF. The PTF for V5R4 is SI24266. The PTF for V5R3 is SI24248.

Linoma Solution
We have recompiled various programs at V5R1. You will have to transfer the save file to the iSeries and restore the objects. Below are instructions if you are not familiar with transferring save files.

Important:  The Linoma Solution is only for Surveyor/400 version 3.x, if  you have a version less than 3.x, please upgrade before applying the workaround.

Note: You may apply the Linoma solution before or after applying any PTFs.

Linoma Solution Instructions Begin:
Download the Surveyor.savf file to a location which you can easily get to with a Command Prompt. I will use c:\\temp in this example.

How to download:
Download the Surveyor.savf by performing a right-click on  the below Surveyor.savf link and select the "Save Target As..." option to save the file to your computer.


On the iSeries:
Use command CRTSAVF FILE(SURVEYOR/UPGRADE) to create a save file.(It may already exist)

On the workstation:
FTP the save file to the iSeries.
1.) Open a Command Prompt(DOS) window and type 'cd c:\\temp' (or wherever you saved the surveyor.savf you downloaded)

2.) In the same Command Prompt(DOS) window, use the 'ftp' command in Windows, to transfer 'surveyor.savf' into save file SURVEYOR/UPGRADE . Be sure to use the 'bin' command to change to binary mode. You may use the IP address or domain name of your iSeries with the FTP command. Below is a sample FTP session. Sections in bold represent user input:

C:\temp>ftp YOUR.IP.HERE
Connected to YOUR.IP.HERE.
220 Connection will close if idle more than 5 minutes.
User (YOUR.IP.HERE:(none)): userid
331 Enter password.
Password: XXXXX
230 USERID logged on.
ftp> bin
200 Representation type is binary IMAGE.
ftp> put surveyor.savf surveyor/upgrade.savf
200 PORT subcommand request successful.
150 Sending file to member SAVF in file UPGRADE in library SURVEYOR.
250 File transfer completed successfully.
6469056 bytes sent in 8.12Seconds 796.58Kbytes/sec.
ftp> quit
221 QUIT subcommand received.

On the iSeries:

Instructions End: