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Surveyor/400 customers are excited about this powerful tool that is easy to use

"Occasionally, I stumble across an AS/400 utility that’s so easy to use and well designed it immediately appears on my “must have” software list.  Linoma Software’s Surveyor/400 is one such utility."

Bryan Meyers, News/400

"At Weigh-Tronix, we use Surveyor/400 on a daily basis to move data from flat files on the IFS and populate physical files within our software package. We also use it to create delimited files and send the data to other platforms. We have the export data command built in to our CL programs. Works GREAT!!!"

Duane Danner, Avery Weigh-Tronix
French Quarter Hotels

"I MUST HAVE Surveyor/400 to function!"

Spencer Stewart, French Quarter Hotels
Indian River County

"I just rewrote my automation to use the new command line capabilities. I reduced the number of steps from 287 to 21 and the execution time went from over an hour to 11 minutes. Thank you."

Bob McDuffee, Indian River County
Fluke Biomedical Corporation

"I am so happy to see that I can filter on blank! That was one feature I have needed dozens of times. This is a great product and is proving to be very useful as we are importing and exporting a lot of data and sharing with other companies - delimited exports, imports, data cleaning, saves me tons of time and effort."

Ted Hendricks, Fluke Biomedical Corporation
Scania CV AB

"I'm very fond of Surveyor/400 and all the tools it contains. It is an extremely good tool in my day-to-day work both as administrator and as developer. It has become a natural part in my work and I don't want to miss it. That would make me feel like a carpenter without a hammer."

Lars Wiberg, Scania CV AB

"We were looking for a spooled file, out of a user who does hundreds of spooled files, on an output queue with several thousand files, so we decided to give the new improved Spool File Manager a chance. Wow! It's fast, it's powerful, it's versatile, it's great! The ability to sort by almost any column, and have it come back in a second or two means that this is our new favorite tool. Well done. There are even some things (like last used) that we didn't even know you could see on a spooled file. We are most impressed."

Tom Prusa, Pfizer
Banner Wholesale Grocer

"Every AS/400 should have Surveyor/400 installed on it. I can't imagine someone else wanting to use another tool to do what Surveyor/400 does."

Irwin Friedman, Banner Wholesale Grocer
Western Power Sports

"I have flipped thru the rest of the guide at least twice, and every time a new possibility jumps out at me. This is truly a function rich tool that will make my programming life easier."

Bruce Chaffin, Western Power Sports

"During a recent re-engineering project, we were able to save a tremendous amount of time and expense by using Surveyor/400 in presenting our existing data-model to a new set of developers & analysts. Without Surveyor/400, we would have had to do the convert AS/400 terminology to mainstream Database terminology in house - prior to project initiation. During the remainder of the project, Surveyor/400 came through time and time again, aiding us with advanced features such as data extraction and extensive searching capabilities. We appreciate your constant attention to the product as it is our primary DBA tool for our iSeries. No other product comes close to Surveyor!"

Dino Biondo, Amerinet
AF&L Insurance CO.

"I have been using the Surveyor AS/400 tools since April, 2002. I must tell you I have never used anything as easy and productive as this software. The main functions we use it for, is importing and exporting files and spooled output, the process is easy and fast. I have never been impressed much by anything until now! A definite THUMBS UP!"

Ernie Iannucci, AF&L Insurance CO.
Weir Specialty Pumps

"I got it installed and am exploring some of the features that are new as well as some of the previous features that I hadn't been using. Kudos on the Spool File Manager - particularly the conversion to PDF feature. I don't know how they did it, but the automatic conversion of 14 7/8" reports to 8 1/2" paper and the ability to change font sizes on the fly is a neat trick. I can put this to good use. Users are always asking me to get wide paper reports on standard laser printer paper."

David R. Hartley, Weir Specialty Pumps
Policy Firemen Insurance

"I use the export and import features all the time. They are so sweet! Very nice! Very easy! Filtering in the file editor is much easier than my other file editor I used to use."

Gina Foster, Policy Firemen Insurance

"Surveyor/400 is a really valuable tool for us and I use it all the time. It's one of the niftiest tools I've ever seen for the AS/400. From transferring data to generating DDS, it's all so easy!"

Bob Wiggins, CooperVision
Abbott Laboratories

"We used to use Client Access for file transfer but Surveyor/400 is so much easier and faster..........I LOVE SURVEYOR!"

Pamela Parker, Abbott Laboratories
United States Olympic Committee

"When .JWR files on the IFS have to be updated, I could not imagine an easier way to do it then using Surveyor/400. I will gladly talk to anyone using JWALK about Surveyor/400."

Kristie Rushton, United States Olympic Committee

"The import feature of Surveyor is one of the best and easiest I've seen yet."

Robert G. LeMay, RGL & Associates, Inc.
Charles Kraft

"It's simply amazing all that Surveyor/400 can do!"

Dale Edwards, Charles Kraft
Raybestos Products Company

"Surveyor/400 is one of the most impressive software tools I have found for the AS/400.  It’s very easy to use, from editing to exporting your data.  Surveyor/400 is a slick utility and I highly recommend it to new and experienced users of the AS/400."

Rick Fyffe, Raybestos Products Company
National Interstate Insurance Company

"I am responsible for about 90% of our system maintenance and updates. On a weekly basis I migrate much of our QA revisions into our "live" Production system as well as implement and integrate the majority of our new products into our AS/400 based system. I utilize the SQL tool in Surveyor/400 every day. I have saved 5 to 6 hours a day, which has saved me months of work over the course of the last year. I have the capability of performing SQL statements on DB2/400 data that only the SQL package on the AS/400 or Client Access can provide. We do have Client Access Express but with the ability to easily edit, view, copy and delete records the Surveyor product has proven far superior. It is one piece of software that is truly a vital part of helping me get things done."

Paul Krempec, National Interstate Insurance Company
Nobel/SYSCO Foodservice

"I have really enjoyed using Surveyor/400.  There are three main things I use it for so far:

  1. Instead of going through a combination of several other programs, I can now run a quick query on the AS/400 and send the results to a file and then in seconds export that file for use in Excel or Access. This alone saves me 2 hours a week and lots of hair.
  2. The properties section of Fast Path gives me much more information, much quicker than other programs and in a format that is very easy to view and understand.
  3. The Edit function of Fast Path gives me a great place to do quick but flexible queries so that I no longer need to go into Query/400 just for a fast look at a file. The ability to make changes from there is super. THANKS!"
John Conlon, Nobel/SYSCO Foodservice
Spar Eastern Cape

"I've been using the product for a while now & it has made my life so much easier. I consider it to be a very powerful tool to use, thank you for meeting our need."

Fenlin Pitie, Spar Eastern Cape
Bosch Rexroth Corporation

"Surveyor/400 is FABULOUS!  A great tool for any programmer that isn't addicted to terminals!"

David Shoff, Bosch Rexroth Corporation
Sandusky International

"What a great tool! Surveyor/400 is the quickest thing I've ever used to verify my data at a glance.With a push of a button the data has been updated and you can view the data in spreadsheet format. The ability to bring up a file in spreadsheet format, drill down to just the records you are interested in and make the appropriate changes has saved me a lot of fix-it time. It's got other utilities beat all to heck. The programmers start it up first thing every morning and keep it up all day."

Mike Aken, Sandusky International
Victaulic Co. of America

"Surveyor/400 is GREAT!!  I saved 6 GB of disk on the first day. It will also save me 24 hours of programming to satisfy an auditor's request to view programs modified within a window of time.  I'll take two licenses please."

Brian Due, Victaulic Co. of America
Performance Bikes

"One of the reasons we chose Surveyor/400 was because it offered many ways to get at our databases. We are able to replace some home grown utilities and some supplied utilities. The other reason was the support. We had some difficulties and found some bugs but they were addressed by Linoma Software in a timely fashion and fixed. I don't mind finding a bug in any software. I do mind it not being fixed. The mark of a good company is how they respond to their clients, and so far Linoma Software has responded quickly and professionally."

Bill Barnes, Senior Programmer/Analyst, Performance Bikes

"Surveyor/400 has almost doubled our efficiency.  Projects that used to take 5 days with our ‘green screen’ file editor are now completed in 3 days with Surveyor/400. The straightforward graphical interface made our users immediately productive. The administrators of non-DB2/400 databases gained a better knowledge and feel for the database implemented on the AS/400. The recently incorporated IFS feature in Surveyor/400 is something I can see being very useful for viewing and verifying data. The web-update distribution method is excellent; no more going to each PC or walking the users through an upgrade when a new feature is implemented. Linoma Software hit a home run on this one. Good work guys!!"

Jim Telford, infoUSA

"I really like the user interface. It’s very easy to get at the data I want to work with. It was a pain to try and remember all the function keys when using our current ‘green screen’ editors. Surveyor/400 does everything I used them for and more!"

Peter Coliukos, Colony Liquor & Wine

"To me, there's really not much comparison to other tools on the market. The GUI interface allows me to see all the files & I can scroll around to pick the file I want to work with. The Group feature has certainly been a big benefit, since I am constantly concerned with groups of files. The DBR feature is outstanding. Others have the ability to pick the appropriate logical, but Surveyor/400 has everything in one place (fields, DBR, export, locks, DDS etc.) - a one stop shopping area. It does both save time and is a convenience. We don't edit data much but viewing data with the GUI interface and ability to quickly hide columns, sort data, etc., has been wonderful. I believe I use the properties the most, and yes, it solves the problem of having to jump out of SEU or have multiple sessions open to see all the pieces at once. Since we are a JD Edwards shop, which only allows you to be in one area at a time, we are in Surveyor/400 all the time. I think it's highly worth it for developers."<

Wayne Huffman, Diagnostic Imaging
Wheatland Electric Cooperative

"Surveyor/400 is a well designed and efficient tool that helps us administer our AS/400 databases. Its graphical user interface provides our users with a tree view, much like Microsoft Explorer's, giving us simple point and click access to our DB2/400 information.  Since Surveyor/400 is written in pure Java, we are able to use it on any of our operating systems running a compliant Java Virtual Machine.  Maintaining our databases has never been so easy and quick."

Jevin Kasselman, Senior Programmer, Wheatland Electric Cooperative
Blodgett Corp.

"Surveyor/400 is an incredibly easy to use database tool that far surpasses any 'green screen' file editor. I use it for everything from basic data entry to SQL querying to data transfer to HTML documentation of our files to our intranet. With its slick 'web update' capabilities you're assured of having the latest enhancements almost immediately. Once you try it you'll be hooked."

Dan McConnell, Blodgett Corp.
Precision Fabrics Group

"I use Surveyor/400 more than any other third party tools that I have installed on our iSeries machines.  I accidentally erased the DDS source for a physical file that I was working on in my development library. Using Surveyor/400, I was able to re-generate that source code from the physical file object in a matter of minutes. Later, I had a request from a user who wanted to get some sample data from our ERP database into an Excel spreadsheet for a one time report. I launched the SQL query utility within Surveyor/400, entered and ran a select statement for the data. Using the tool's export function, I had the data in a .CSV file and on its way to the user via email within 5 minutes of their request. I also use the spooled file utility in Surveyor/400 on a daily basis. With that function, I can view reports, export them to PDF or text format, and even export a particular page or range of pages from a large report. I could perform a lot if not all of these same tasks in other tools but I can do all of those tasks and many others in one single tool, Surveyor/400. It's simple to use, doesn't overly tax my PC and I would be less productive without it in my bag of tricks. The one word that best describes Surveyor/400 is 'versatile.'"

Jeff Lewallen, Precision Fabrics Group