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Version 4.1.6

Release Date - 12.14.15
Release Notes (Opens in the Linoma Software Support Forum)

Version 4.0.0

Release Date - 09.12.13

Note: This is a major upgrade. This happens when the iSeries portion of Surveyor and the workstation portion have both changed.  Because the client and server version have to match, all users will need to upgrade at the same time. The installer will have to be downloaded from our website. Upgrading from version 3 to 4

This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • Library List - Library List Groups - Add ability organize libraries into groups.
  • Library List Groups - Add ability to secure library list groups.
  • SQL Search - Add SQL Search feature. Search for database files, indexes, procedures,  functions, triggers and constraints.
  • SQL Search - Distinguish types of files such as SQL tables and DDS physicals.
  • SQL Functions - Add ability to view, create and manage SQL functions.
  • Specifications - Add option to save import, export and spool Specifications in XML format.
  • IFS - Add ability to view, create and manage network shares.
  • System Properties - Add database properties.
  • DBR - Add ability to view unique keys.
  • File Editor - Add reason code for non-editable files.
  • Layouts - Increase maximum size of layouts.
  • FTP Log Viewer - Make summary buttons toggle buttons.
  • Upgrade to Java 7.
  • Upgrade Java Toolbox to 7.9
  • Improve last system used logic.


  • EXPDTA - Fix *Headings not working without specification.
  • IFS - Fix Copy to Workstation in tree.
  • Improve key positioning in table when duplicate letters present.
  • Report message id when error in message description API.
  • File Search - Add more record search options.

Version 3.8.19

Release Date - 09.19.13
Release Notes (Opens in the Linoma Software Support Forum)

Note: The Latest Library version is 3.3.1. The latest Java Version - 1.6.0_18.

Version 3.8

Release Date - 11.17.10
This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • File Editor - Filter - Add position to, on field select screen.
  • File Editor - Filter - Add show fields as seen in Layout check box.
  • File Editor - Field Editor - Add overwrite ability.
  • File Editor - Add alternating row color.
  • File Editor - Allow custom column heading export with a non-saved layout.
  • IFS - Add IFS Explorer.
  • IFS - Transfer folders to and from workstation.
  • Export - Excel - Add ability to append to an existing sheet, or add new sheet to an existing spreadsheet.
  • Export Excel - Add headers and footers when printing.
  • Export Wizard - Add ability to run in own connection and specify connection properties.
  • Export Spool PDF - Allow user to enter margin size.
  • SQL Editor - Add Font preference.
  • SQL Editor - Save As - Begin with current file name.
  • Save As - Warn if file exists.
  • Add some support for XML data types.
  • Upgrade to JTOpen 7.1
  • EXPDTA - Support Excel append.(Update Server 3.3.0)
  • Field Properties - Add support for field procedures.(Update Server 3.2.8)
  • Member List - Show member in use if it has exclusive lock.(Update Server 3.2.8)
  • FTP to iSeries - Allow 128 character case sensitive passwords.
  • IMPDTA - When using a specification, add ability to override source and destination.(Update Server 3.2.8)
  • EXPSPL - When using a specification, add ability to override destination.(Update Server 3.2.8)
  • EXPDTA - Add QRYLIB parameter, which allows user to specify a library when using the QRY parameter.(Update Server 3.2.7)
  • EXPDTA - When using a specification, add ability to override source and destination.(Update Server 3.2.7)


  • SQL Editor - Results - Fix numeric column auto size.
  • Export Spool - If Filter Overprinting automatically export by pages.
  • Export Spool - Add more error handling to trigger escape message.
  • TN5250 - Handle Invalid stream command better.
  • SFE - Fix SFE command not working for various translations.

Version 3.7

Release Date - 02.01.10
This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • Import/Export - Support Excel 2007.
  • Export Excel - Add ability to specify title.
  • Export Excel - Add ability to specify sheet name.
  • Export Excel - Add ability to autosize columns.
  • Export Excel - Add ability to change font properties of title, headings and data.
  • Security - Support SSL connections.
  • Output Queues - Add ability to work with spooled files from output queue properties.
  • Preview - Add Copy Cell.
  • Preview - Restrict printing and copy cell with export authority.
  • Fast Path - Add tool tip to Object combo box.
  • Fast Path - Add Select Member button.
  • Stored Procedures Execute - Allow null parameters.
  • SQL results - Improve column sizing.
  • IFS Editor - Increase buffer size, other miscellaneous improvements.
  • Add ability to delete triggers.
  • Add ability to select/deselect all columns in table components.
  • Upgrade client to Java 1.6.
  • Upgrade all drivers, including upgrade to JTOpen 6.6.
  • Support Nimbus Look and Feel.
  • Install - Add options to declare procedures and create IFS files when the Surveyor library has been moved to a new system.
  • Install - Add ability to cancel Web Update.
  • EXPDTA - Add Font options.(Update Server 3.2.1)
  • EXPDTA - Allow QDLS.(Update Server 3.2.1)
  • EXPDTA/IMPDTA - Support Excel 2007.(Update Server 3.2.0)


  • File Editor - Fix busy cursor bug on the DBR select screen when double clicking on the file to select.
  • Member list - Fix bug when members are locked. V5R4 and above. (Update Server 3.2.2)
  • Spooled File Manager - Fix bug with 10 character library and 10 character Output queue.(Update Server 3.2.0)

Version 3.6

Release Date - 09.18.08
This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • TN5250 - Add SSL support.
  • SQL Editor - Add ability to show column labels as column headings in result window.
  • SQL Editor - Add tool tip field information to column headings in result window.
  • SQL Editor - Add optional warning for potential library list problems.
  • SQL Editor - Find Replace - Add ability to find and replace tab characters using \t.
  • SQL Editor - Syntax Highlighting - Improve multi-line comment highlighting.
  • SQL Editor - Export Page - Fixed Width - Use metadata field lengths.
  • SQL Editor - Preferences - Add ability to specify tab length and replace tabs with spaces.
  • SQL Editor Preference - Added a no parsing option.
  • Stored Procedures - Execute - Add ability to change connection properties.
  • Stored Procedures - Preferences - Add connection properties preference.
  • Stored Procedures - Create SQL Procedure - Add ability to set SQL path and date format.
  • Stored Procedures - Copy - Add ability to copy multiple procedures.
  • Stored Procedures - Copy/Edit - Add ability to set connection properties.
  • Stored Procedures - Display number of procedures in status bar.
  • User Access - Add ability to Copy a user or group.
  • User Access - Library List - Add ability to select libraries from other users.
  • User Access - Add ability to restrict users from viewing User Access.
  • Fast Path - Open Object Search if wild card used.
  • WDSC Plugin - Share connections among features.
  • File Editor - Use main library list.
  • File Editor - Filter - Add ability to add a row to bottom of filter.
  • Import - Add ability to import flat files.
  • Export Spooled File - Allow generated EXPSPL_LOG spooled file to be exported when not in use.
  • Spooled File Manager - Add ability copy spooled files.
  • Spooled File Manager - Add ability copy spooled file attributes to filter.
  • View Properties - Show View SQL on SQL tab.
  • Triggers - Add ability to view INSTEAD time triggers.
  • Table Chooser - Only list tables user does has access to.
  • Standardize Member Selectors - Standardize open, save and add member screens.
  • Properties - Add number of objects to file, procedure and object filters.
  • Field Names - Support 128 column field names(Update Server 3.1.6)


  • File Editor - Fix - After updating a cell and using mouse to move to a new cell value of updates reverts back to original value. Caused by Java 1.6.
  • File Editor - Hex viewer - Fix column heading being truncated in certain situations.
  • Stored Procedure Wizard - Do not parse SQL when using Procedure wizard.
  • Stored Procedure Wizard - Improve SQL procedure formatting.
  • Export Table - Clipboard - Fix error when using Fixed Width format and not pressing the Next button.
  • Spooled File Export - Fix Filter Overprinting box not being loaded from preference.
  • Update Server - Disable menu item if not Administrator.
  • User Access - Members of a group will use log/audit files set up at the group level.
  • Fast Path - Run SQL - Make connection before showing selection menu.
  • V6R1 - Prepare objects for V6R1. (Update Server 3.1.4)
  • SQL Wizard - Fix inability to enter a date with more than 8 characters (Update Server 3.1.4)
  • Object Filter - Fix bug with date format.
  • Export Wizard - Fix bug when IFS destination system is different than source system.
  • Export XML - Replace spaces with underlines if tag names contain spaces.
  • Export SQL Results - Null value not tested correctly when a null object is returned as a result of a CASE expression returning null.
  • Import Wizard - Fixed Width - Fix field lengths being loaded from destination file instead of from saved specification field lengths.
  • Import Wizard - Allow wizard to open if source file not found.
  • Fix BigDecimal format problem in Java 1.6
  • User Access - Version 29 Upgrade - Administrators not given View User Access
    when upgrading from version 29x.
  • SQL Editor - Improve Error handling.

Version 3.5

Release Date - 12.18.07
This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • Layouts - Add ability to remove individual field visibility in Filter.
  • Layouts - Add ability to restrict individual field visibility
  • Layouts - Add ability to restrict individual field visibility in Filter
  • Layouts - Add ability to restrict individual field editablity
  • Layouts - Add ability to Duplicate a layout.
  • Layouts - Add Ability to specify specific Duplicate Layout authorities.
  • Layouts - Modify Layout - Add Select All Deselect All to check box columns
  • Recent Files - Add a list of recently opened files to various File menus.
  • Export Spooled File Specification Wizard - Display message for no records found.
  • Preferences - Add Spooled File Export preferences.
  • SQL Editor - Save As Member - Add ability to specify description and type.
  • Calculator - Add paste ability.
  • Messaging - Add ability to EXPDTA and IMPDTA to throw escape message for member not found error. (Update Server 3.1.2)
  • File Editor - Use default values in Add mode.
  • Layouts - Add Authority menu item.
  • File Editor - Add tool tip field information to Modify Layout screen.
  • Stored Procedures Edit - Add option to drop procedure based on SQL0456 message.
  • Stored Procedures - Show SQL - Generate SQL for comments also.
  • Stored Procedures - Add better support for Java procedures.
  • Stored Procedures - Add DB2SQL parameter style.
  • File Properties - DBR - Add key field description column. (Update Server 3.1.3)


  • Print Preview - Fix some sizing issues when using Compress Columns.
  • SQL Editor - Fix length of tab in Save member when using Syntax Coloring.
  • SQL Wizard - Fix disappearing Where clause.
  • File Editor - Fix problem when default values are less than 1 but greater than zero.(Update Server 3.1.1)
  • File Editor - Make logical not editable if physical not editable.(Update Server 3.1.1)
  • Check for missing LucidaTypewriter Fonts at start up.
  • SQL Editor - Fix miscellaneous parsing errors.
  • File Editor - Fix problems with disabled color in Metal look and feel.
  • File Editor - Don't allow mass replace of protected column.
  • Stored Procedures External Edit - Fix SQL0455 message by qualifying specific name.
  • Stored Procedures - Show SQL - Select correct system.
  • Stored Procedures Edit - Fix SQL0455 message by qualifying specific name.
  • SQL Editor - Fix not being asked to save upon exit after opening a script when Syntax Coloring is on.
  • Export SQL Results - Instead of error, export date as null when date format in connection is MDY and date is outside of valid MDY range 1940 to 2039.
  • EXPDTA - IMPDTA - EXPSPL - Fix problem with some messages not be thrown when using USEMSG parameter. (Update Server 3.1.3)
  • Default Value - Support Default Value of None. (Update Server 3.1.3)
  • EXPDTA - Allow query to have a length greater than 256 characters. (Update Server 3.1.3)

Version 3.4

Release Date - 09.05.07
This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • SQL Editor - Upon error select position error in statement.
  • SQL Editor - Add syntax coloring option.
  • SQL Editor - Add option to clear log before executing.
  • SQL Editor - Add option to stop executing multi statements upon error.
  • SQL Editor Results - Make field viewer only modal to window.
  • SQL Editor Results - Add ability to right-click and copy data.
  • SQL Editor Results - Add button to view current SQL if too long.
  • SQL Editor - Place currently executing SQL statement in status bar.
  • SQL Editor Prompt Columns - Add system field name.
  • SQL Wizard - Add ability to view the SQL statement as it is being built.
  • SQL Wizard - Can now go back to the table selection screen after selecting columns.
  • SQL Wizard - Table Selection - Allow user to select *LIBL and *USRLIBL.
  • SQL Wizard - Table Selection - Multi-select files with mouse.
  • SQL Wizard - Table Selection - Add file description tool tip.
  • SQL Wizard - Improved join SQL.
  • SQL Wizard - Add ability to use AS for file names.
  • SQL Samples - Add find text ability.
  • SQL Samples - Add syntax coloring.
  • SQL Samples - All sample and editor window to be open simultaneously.
  • Stored Procedures Execute - Add Reset value button.
  • Stored Procedures Results - Add button to view parameters.
  • Create - Alter Table - Add ability to allocate lengths for appropriate data types.
  • Create - Alter Table - Generate SQL - Add encoding for appropriate data types.
  • Create - Alter Table - Generate SQL - Add/improve rowid support.
  • Create - Alter Table - Generate SQL - Add/improve null default value support.
  • Generate SQL - Add option not to generate library.
  • Field Viewers/Editors - Add ability to search.
  • Field Viewers/Editors - Make word wrap optional.
  • Field Viewers/Editors - Add row/column identifiers to title bar.
  • Field Editors - Add ability to search and replace.
  • Field Editors - Add ability to undo redo editing.
  • User Access - SQL - Add logging.(Update Server 3.1.0)
  • Layouts - Add Last used time stamp and user. Add created time stamp.(Update Server 3.1.0)
  • Messaging - Give optional ability to EXPDTA, IMPDTA and EXPSPL to throw
    escape messages upon failure. Must use USEMSG(*YES).(Update Server 3.1.0)
  • Text Editors - Make text editor behavior uniform.
  • SQL Table components - Make behavior uniform.
  • FTP Log viewer - cascade windows when opening multiple logs.
  • IFS - Add ability to work with files that begin with a period.
  • Triggers - Add trigger properties.
  • WDSC Plugin - Add support for WDSC 7
  • Export Spooled File - Add ability to change leading.
  • Field Properties - Add support for ROWID columns. (Update Server 3.0.9)
  • Layouts - Prompt Filter - Add Field Description column.
  • Delete - Add ability to delete *MSGQ and *PNLGRP objects.
  • Members - Allow multi-selected members to be used in FTP functions.
  • FTP Log Viewer - Open View Field box upon double-click.
  • FTPOBJ - Add restore member option - parameter RMBROPT. Useful when member names
    of an existing target file do not match the source. (Update Server 3.0.6)
  • FTPOBJ - Increase maximum objects selected from 10 to 100, and maximum members
    selected from 10 to 50. (Update Server 3.0.6)
  • FTPF - Increase maximum objects selected from 10 to 100. (Update Server 3.0.6)
  • EXPDTA, EXPSPL, IMPDTA - Add redirect log output - parameter REDIRLOC. Allows
    log file to be directed to an IFS file or an OUTQ. Works in conjunction with
    the OUTPUT parameter. (Update Server 3.0.6)
  • Command Line Option- Add ability to run iSeries commands from a command script
    using the -runcommand or -runcommandprompt arguments.


  • File Editor Filter - Fix incorrect format being used in filter when new format selected.
  • Layouts - Generate Script - Surround system names that contain spaces with double quotes.
  • File Editor - Field properties - Select correct format instead of first format.
  • File Editor - Filter - When filtering a file with a record length
    between 1009 and 2032 in view only mode, the incorrect number of
    records may returned due to a blocking factor problem. IBM may fix
    this via PTF, in the meantime we calculate the blocking factor.
  • Layouts - Allow Surveyor Administrator to delete layouts with
    corrupt authority records.
  • Layouts - Fix problem when user without 'Public Layout Authority'
    creates layout. (Update Server 3.0.9)
  • File Groups - Allow user to choose a different system when saved system
    is not found.
  • File Groups - Show error messages when loading files, and give user option
    of removing files in error from group.
  • Import - Fix SQL0206 error when first field in specification is excluded.
  • Export Database - Fix bug when excluding all but one field.
  • Layouts - Generate Script - Surround layout names that contain spaces with double quotes.
  • Generate DDS - Fix column headings and text not being generated for files
    that have reference file when 'Reference Data' box is unchecked. (Update Server 3.0.8)
  • Field Properties - Fix incorrect length for complex types. (Update Server 3.0.8)
  • SQL Generator - Fix incorrect length for complex types. (Update Server 3.0.8)
  • File Editor - Recognize a field when it is renamed but original name is
    specified as key. (Update Server 3.0.7)
  • Long file names - Fix long file names not appearing on various screens.
    (Update Server 3.0.7)
  • Import/Export - When opening specifications on the client, look up by system name
    current IP address, user name, and password as opposed to using what is saved.
  • SQL Editor - Allow Common Table Expressions under the 'Allow SQL' authority setting.
  • FTPOBJ - Allow FTP 550 errors that contain successful restore messages to have a
    status of Finished instead of FTP Error. (Update Server 3.0.6)
  • Export Fixed Width - SQL Results - Fix SQL error when next button is pressed.
  • Export Fixed Width - Only reset field lengths if file changes when next
    button is pressed.
  • WDSC Plugin - TN5250 - Fix key mappings not being saved.
  • EXPDTA - Fix Fixed Width exports ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error.
  • Export Database - Fix member not being replaced correctly when target file
    is on a different system than the source file.
  • Export Database - When source file contains more fields than target file,
    give user option to exclude orphaned fields.
  • SQL Editor - Fix library list field text being initialized to 'SURVEYOR' instead
    of saved preference when changing systems.

Version 3.3

Release Date - 08.31.06
This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • Export - Consolidate all Exports into Export Wizard.
  • Export - Export to another database file.
  • Export - Add column headings option for first row exported.
  • Export Excel - Add option to bold column headings.
  • Export - Add option to open exported file.
  • Export - When exporting to Clipboard add ability to select a format.
  • Export - File Editor and SQL results - Add ability to export with any delimiter.
  • Export - File Editor and SQL results - Add ability to export in fixed width and XML.
  • Import - Distinguish between warnings and errors.
  • Import - Excel - Allow user to select a sheet.
  • Import - Excel - Support basic formulas.
  • Import - Add ability to match source and target fields by name.
  • Import/Export - Add IASP support for EXPDTA and IMPDTA commands.
  • User Access - Add 'Export Layout' authority that will allow users without Object Access to still export layouts.
  • User Access - Add 'Export to Database' authority.


  • User Access - Changes to Data Transfer logs will be immediate when the change is being made to the Administrator's currently connected user id.
  • Generate DDS - Fix bug when references file not found. (Update Server 3.0.5)
  • Generate DDS - Add support for allow null and alias. (Update Server 3.0.5)
  • IFS Properties - Fix not available messages when IFS file has more than 16 authorized users. (Update Server 3.0.5)
  • Object Search - Allow Object:*ALLUSR Library:QSYS or *LIBL Type:*LIB. Allows user to get a list of *ALLUSR libraries. (Update Server 3.0.5)

Version 3.2

Release Date - 03.15.06
This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • Added Edit Authority feature.
  • Added Remember Window Size feature and preference.
  • WDSC Plugin - Add Edit Authority. Version 1.2.3.


  • TN5250 - Fix 'Key not allowed' error in Field Exit Required fields.
  • TN5250 - Fix problem of lock up in 27x132 mode due to too many fields.
  • TN5250 - Process control characters that cause some menu type fields not
    to appear.
  • TN5250 - Fix data appearing in wrong place due to insert cursor conflict.
  • TN5250 - Fix not all data being cleared in 27x132 mode.
  • File Editor Filter - Fix 'Not' symbol character set incompatibility.
  • File Editor Filter - Fix Filter not cleared when file is closed.
  • Layouts - Fix problem of some elements of filter not being saved correctly
    after filter has been reset.
  • Fast Path - Fix history read location.
  • Install - Fix reconnect on some installs.
  • WDSC Plugin - Fix File Editor not being launched from File Properties Main
    menu. Version 1.2.2.
  • WDSC Plugin - Fix possible incorrect file attribute when a valid attribute
    appears in the objects description. Version 1.2.2.
  • Spooled File Specification - Fix Margin and Auto Size not being populated
    in the Wizard.
  • Procedure Properties - Fix problem of Procedure Properties, Edit and Copy
    features not working when specific name is different from routine name.
  • Preferences - Moved 'Preview Display Count' to System section.
  • Remove *ADMIN user when QSECOFR installs. (Update Server 3.0.3)
  • FTPF - Get member name when *FIRST specified for client member. (Update Server 3.0.3)
  • SFE - Add Layout Owner. (Update Server 3.0.3)

Version 3.1

Release Date - 12.08.05
This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • Layouts - Add ability to generate a script which can open a layouts without
    opening entire application.
  • Export Layout - Export column headings or custom column headings, depending on the Layout's Name/Description property.
  • WDSC Plugin - Add ability to edit data areas.
  • WDSC Plugin - Add ability to display IFS file properties and permissions.
  • Add ability to control Java output on EXPSPL, EXPDTA, and IMPDTA commands.
  • Spooled File Export - Text files - Add ability to replace form feed with ASCII form feed.
  • Export Wizard - Add ability export using Unicode encoding.
  • Install - List administrators if user is not an Administrator.
  • Optimize icons.


  • WDSC Plugin - Fix incompatibility with WDSC 6.x
  • TN5250 - Device names were not being retrieved correctly when preferences are stored in User Folder.
  • Native Import and Export - Specify date format property on JDBC connection. Newer JDBC drivers are more sensitive to this property.
  • User Access - When adding a new user. If the new user is in a group, and Modify Library List is checked, prompt user to copy the group's library list.
  • Fix authority error when adding certain users to a group.
  • Fix new users library list not being initialized with *NEWUSR's library list.
  • Export logging - Log File Editor exports made by using Export Selected Records and Export Page
  • Export Layout - Prompt user to fill in Prompt field values
  • File Editor - Position - Do not trim leading spaces in Position dialog.
  • File Editor Filter - Allow user to leave prompt field empty.
  • File Editor Filter - Allow user to Run Filter, if they don't have Modify Filter authority.
  • File Editor - Fix quirky select and right-click behavior of RRN fields.
  • Client Update - Fix problem of some non-Windows platform not getting update due to missing folder.
  • Import Excel - Fix problem of Crystal Reports created spreadsheet not importing.
  • System Properties - Fix IFS version displayed as 3000.
  • Update Server Library - Display better message for empty update.

Version 3.0

Release Date - 09.09.05
This release includes enhancements and fixes.


  • User Access - Add ability to place users in a group.
  • User Access - Add Object Access.
  • User Access - Add Last Log On time stamp.
  • User Access File Editor - Add Public Layout, Add, Change, Delete and Undelete authorities.
  • User Access Spooled Files - Add Manage and Export authorities.
  • Layout Security - Add ability to assign authority to individual layouts.
  • Layout - Add Layout Properties.
  • Layout - If the format id of the file has changed since the layout was created, the user is shown the differences and is given the opportunity to adjust the layout.
  • Layout - Added option to open layout without the using the saved filter.
  • Layout - Added option copy and rename.
  • File Editor - Add Layout name to title bar.
  • File Editor Filter - Add promptable filter fields. User will be prompted for input when the filter is executed.
  • File Editor Filter - Added cancel button to revert back to previous filter before Filter window was opened.
  • File Editor - Retain filter when changing member.
  • File Editor - Add ability to set authority when using Save Layout As.
  • Password protection - Improved password protection.
  • Delete Database Objects - Delete multiple database objects from main window.
  • Generate DDS - Add GENDDS command to generate DDS for multiple files.
  • Configure - Add ability to change order of systems.
  • SQL Editor Column Prompt - Add ability to sort and find in column prompt window.
  • Changed monospaced font to a font which can more easily distinguish the letter O from the number zero.
  • Delete objects/members - Made result message box scrollable.
  • Add option to check for major upgrade on IFS.
  • Delete Members - Add ability to remove multiple members from main window.
  • FTP iSeries - No save file transfer - Add ability to specify transfer types ASCII, EBCDIC and Binary.
  • FTP iSeries - Save file transfer - Add better error handling for save and restore operations. Must be installed on target system for restore messages
  • FTP iSeries - Save file transfer - Use Save While Active *SYNCLIB.
  • Add multi item progress bar to updates and spooled file export.
  • SQL Editor - Show warning messages in log.
  • SQL Procedure - Add right-click text edit menu items.


  • File Editor Export - Fix unnecessarily adding double quotes around fields that contain commas for XLS export.
  • Fix Lucida Typewriter Font not found.
  • IFS Editor - Fix Ctrl-c not always working.
  • FTP Workstation - Fix byte count for files over 2.14GB.
  • Delimited Import - Fix problem of unnecessarily trimming text around delimiter character when that character is not used as a delimiter but is present inside of a text qualifier.
  • Import/Export Wizard - Fix. Specification name may disappear if window is resized too small.
  • Import - Give user opportunity to select a different system when saved IFS source system does not connect.
  • Export Spool Specification - Fix. After opening a saved specification, the destination may be null if the destination format is changed without reloading the specification.
  • Update Server - Library Objects - Fix not always working on V4R5.
  • Member List - If member list too large use alternate retrieval method.
  • Fix problem of frames not closing when the X is clicked on.
  • SQL Editor - Fix Call stored procedure with system naming.
  • External Procedures - Use system naming for Show SQL Editor when procedure contains entry points or when the external library is *LIBL.
  • Fix busy cursor problem when beginning a File or Object Search.
  • IFS Navigation - Fix bug of busy cursor turning off too quickly which allowed users to click on components that were not ready for input.
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