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Encrypting PHI data for HIPAA Compliance on IBM i

To combat a surge in PHI data breaches, HIPAA enforcement is conducting more audits and issuing more fines. In this webinar you will learn how encryption on IBM i can protect sensitive PHI data, limit risk and make compliance easier. You will also see a demonstration of Crypto Complete and how it can help with your HIPAA compliance requirements.


Secure, Streamline and Audit your Enterprise File Transfers

Managed File Transfer is becoming more popular among forward-thinking IT departments as traditional FTP tools and homegrown scripts struggle to keep pace with business demands and compliance requirements.

See how easy it is to secure file transfers,consolidate file transfer processes,centralize administration and generate detailed audit logs on all user activity. Watch this webinar and learn how GoAnywhere MFT can save IT admins and end-users valuable time while simplifying processes.

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Encryption on IBM i Simplified

Introducing DB2 Field Procedures (FieldProcs), which have greatly simplified encryption on the IBM i. With the ability to automate encryption and decryption, restrict and mask field level access by user or group, and meet compliance requirements with key management and audit trails, encrypting sensitive data is now something you can do quickly. Our solution, Crypto Complete, helps IT staff create and manage FieldProcs while making it easy to implement encryption. Watch this webinar to learn how encrypting sensitive data on the IBM i has been simplified through FieldProcs and Crypto Complete.


Get your FTP server in compliance

Do your users send sensitive files through email, or do they use one of those third-party file sharing sites? Ad-hoc file transfers can quickly get out of control with all the “free” options available to your end-users. Furthermore, if these transfers are not properly secured, your organization may not be in compliance with data privacy laws. Worse yet, sensitive data may fall into the wrong hands.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about how GoAnywhere MFT allows your users to easily send files, no matter how large, whenever they want -- but with the security and control that you need.

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Encryption for IBM i -- Tips and Techniques

Do you need to encrypt sensitive data on the IBM i, but are unsure how to get started or which techniques are best? Encryption is essential for protecting sensitive data and meeting compliance requirements like PCI DSS, HIPAA and State Privacy Laws.

This webinar is your chance to learn the basic methods of encrypting data on the IBM i, whether it’s stored within your database files or transmitted to your trading partners.”


File Sharing with GoAnywhere: Simple, Secure and Automated

Your organization's employees need an easy way to share files, and often they're resorting to free tools like Dropbox or sending them as email attachments. The problem for IT is that for sensitive data, those options may not be secure enough. They also make ensuring compliance with data security regulations challenging since those transfers are hard to audit.

The good news is that GoAnywhere MFT provides a great file sharing alternative that is convenient for users and secure and audited for IT administrators. View this webinar where Chief Architect Bob Luebbe and his development team discuss the challenges of ad hoc file transfers in today's business environment, and then demonstrate how GoAnywhere delivers a reliable and secure solution.

VIEW THIS RECORDED WEBINAR (hosted on GoAnywhere.com)

Totally Free Form RPG for IBM i

Thanks to IBM's Technology Refresh V7R1, the H, F, D and P specifications are no longer bound by traditional columns. Linoma's new release of RPG Toolbox 5.0 makes it easy for IBM i programmers to modernize their RPG source to fully free form syntax.

During this webinar, Chief Architect Bob Luebbe shows you to use RPG Toolbox 5.0 to automatically convert these specifications, as well as C specs, to totally free form syntax using the RDi plugin. He also demonstrates how to use commands to convert from PDM or SEU, and how to create auto-indented nesting free form logic for readability.


IBM i Encryption Made Easy with DB2 Field Procedures

DB2 Field Procedures (FieldProcs) in IBM i version 7.1 make it so much easier to encrypt fields without having to modify your applications. But while IBM provided the "hooks" with FieldProcs to capture database read/write operations, they left it up to third party products like Crypto Complete™ to perform the encryption and decryption processes.

Crypto Complete™ is a comprehensive encryption solution to help busy IT staffs create and manage the FieldProcs associated with database fields. View this webinar to find out how Crypto Complete makes it easy to implement encryption, along with the key management and auditing needed to get into compliance.


AIX File Transfers: Automation and Security Without Scripting

Writing AIX shell scripts to transfer files can be error-prone and time consuming for your IT department. How do you know when the script fails? Are the files and passwords secured/encrypted? Where are the audit trails? Are you in compliance?

Many AIX shops are now looking at Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions to help them minimize the challenges of custom scripts which saves time and money, and promotes a more efficient workflow. During this free webinar, you will also receive a brief demo of our GoAnywhere MFT solution.