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White Papers

Concise reports on issues related to data encryption and secure file transfer

Beyond FTP: Securing and Managing File Transfers

Beyond FTP managed file transfer

Few managers realize the security and management risks that have infiltrated their organization with the prevalent use of FTP.

This paper demonstrates how you can bring FTP into a modern framework which increases IT manageability, while decreasing security exposures and adhering to growing compliance/auditing requirements.

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DMZ Gateways: Secret Weapons for Data Security

As more and more companies are implementing managed file transfer solutions, they often overlook a critical piece in the data protection cycle.

This paper explains the role of the gateway, a buffer that resides in the DMZ between trading partners and a company's private network that serves as a proxy for file exchanges, and helps companies meet compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and state privacy regulations.

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PCI DSS Compliance with Managed File Transfer

Leading edge IT shops are rethinking the use of underlying components within its data transfer arsenal, and are arming themselves to meet the ever changing requirements of PCI DSS and other compliance requirements.

This white paper examines how managed file transfer can help companies stay ahead of compliance regulations by keeping data transfers secure while saving time and allowing staff time to be reallocated to other projects.

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Defending Against Data Breach: Developing the Right Strategy for Data Encryption

Data breach incidents are not a temporary statistical aberration, but instead represent a growing epidemic. Given the cost to both companies and their customers, it’s critical that IT teams develop a solid strategy that utilizes the most effective tools

This paper offers recommendations for how IT management can deploy strong security technologies to encrypt, monitor, and audit the access and use of sensitive information within an organization's system.

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