GoAnywhere MFT beat the competition, with Best Overall Value scores in a recent independent study of MFT products by Info-Tech Research Group.

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An Almost 99% Customer Retention Rate Says it All.

Fortune 500 Companies, Mid-sized Enterprises, Government Entities and More... Trust Linoma Software.

Secure your Confidential Data and Increase Productivity

We have the solutions you need to meet compliance requirements and streamline operations.

Simplify, Secure and Automate File Transfers with a Multi-platform Solution.
Protect Sensitive IBM i Data with Encryption, Key Management & Auditing.
Modernize your RPG Programs & Streamline Productivity on the IBM i.
Simplify IBM i Database Tasks for Developers, Users and Administrators.

“Of all the companies we work with, Linoma Support is the BEST. I appreciate the quick response time, understanding of the product and what I'm trying to do. I get fast answers and solutions that work.”

Seta Corporation of Boca, Inc.

The average corporation that suffers a data breach will pay $6.5m to resolve the issue

Information security breaches are on the rise and while government and industry regulations require companies to implement safeguards, the fact remains that protecting against a data breach is becoming increasingly difficult. Learn how to develop the right encryption strategy and defend against a data breach in our FREE whitepaper.

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Data Connectors - Jacksonville

March 2, 2017

8:15am - 5:00pm CT

Featuring discussions on current tech-security issues such as cloud security, email and social media security, VoIP, LAN security, wireless security, USB drives security & more.

RPG DB2 Summit - Orlando

March 21 - 23, 2017

8:00am - 5:00pm CT

Learn how to fast-forward projects such as "AS/400" application modernization, Web development and mobile apps - all leveraging IBM i data and business logic.
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  • Linoma Software partners with Wayne Madden’s TekSlant in North America
    April 27, 2016
    Linoma Software is excited to announce that it has signed Wayne Madden and TekSlant LLC of Chicago, Illinois as a Linoma-Certified Platinum Partner for North America. TekSlant has successfully passed Linoma’s Technical and Sales / Support Certification. TekSlant brings...
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Linoma Software is Trusted by Thousands of Companies



Our goal is to innovate and create smart solutions for the problems all companies and organizations who share data will face in today’s challenging digital landscape. With our ongoing dedication to improving and expanding features and functionality, Linoma Software’s solutions can be counted on to grow and adapt with the needs of our customers well into the future.

“As we transfer sensitive information across the internet, we’re having to deal with security and encryption more and more, and these products (Crypto Complete and GoAnywhere) are good, the documentation is very good, and they work.”

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Tommy S.
Love's Travel Stops
& Country Stores

“As a Health Care facility we have to transmit data to various government agencies and private vendors. We needed a tool that would ensure secure and dependable data transmissions. We tried many different tools, but none was so versatile and dependable as GoAnywhere. Highy recommend.”

Dora K.
St. Barnabas Hospital

“GoAnywhere is a great automation and ETL tool. Super stable and steady upgrade schedule with fixes and feature enhancements. The dev and support teams at Linoma are very responsive and accessible. Use of the tool has grown dramatically over the years of use here.”

Adam P.
Metropolitan Museum of Art

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